Artist Spotlight: Nicole Kagan

Meet artist Nicole Kagan! Hub’s Artist Highlight

We have asked Nicole about her practice, on-going projects, and inspirations. Here is more in her own words.

My art practices encompasses visual art, jewellery, and creative-mindfulness facilitation. My mixed-media artworks explore the relationship between the internal and the external, inviting moments of imagination, curiosity, and contemplation. I work with acrylics, watercolour, inks, and photography. My creative-mindfulness workshops and 1:1 sessions blend inspiring creative prompts with awareness of breath and the present moment — participants learn a range of sensory methods to regulate their nervous systems and change their state, experiencing more flow and creative expression out in their lives.

I’m currently working on a new mixed-media series of ‘dimensional collages’ that combine my deep reverence for trees, the expressive line, vibrant colour, and the casting of shadows. The pieces incorporate acetate photographs, watercolour, inks, stitching, and hanging threads. Each of the elements has been taken out of its original context in some way and is brought together to create something new. I like to think of them as a collection of treasures or artifacts. I’m really enjoying being in the experimental messiness of process as the series develops.

I was deeply moved by the saturated colours, incredible textures, and sense of a ‘gentle vibrancy’ on a recent trip to San Miguel De Allende. I can feel those impressions still echoing through me, and came back inspired and ready to create!

I’ll be facilitating my next workshops in my studio on May 16th, and May 19th. Join my mailing list at the link in my profile to be the first to find out when registration opens. Explore my three luminous fine art print series: Meditative Muses, Trees of Life, and Flight Patterns. Standard sized prints can be purchased on my website, and larger sizes can be custom ordered. Three of my paintings are hanging in the Vitrine Showcase at the Wychwood Barns, till the end of Feb. My jewellery is exclusively available at Poppyseed Creative Living (St.Clair W. + Rushton), as well as showcased at the occasional studio pop-up, and Wychwood Farmer’s Market. 

Find more from Nicole:

Studio #161 – Wychwood Barns (by appointment or occasional open studio)

Poppyseed Creative Living (Rushton + St.Clair)

Wychwood Farmer’s Market – Sat Feb 24th